Thursday, September 1, 2011

We work

Today has been hard. Just really, really hard. Georgie has been a mega-poop. I have hardly been able to go two feet away from her all day, and even then she's still been cranky! I think she might be a little sick.

It didn't help that at lunchtime when I'd gotten her down for her nap, the fire alarm from the school across the road went off (for 20 freaking minutes) and woke her up way before she was ready to be awake. Plus, it was Shane's first day back at work after a week off. Today has just been really hard work.

But fortunately, there was some work around town so Shane came home tonight. And when he walked through the door a little before seven, it was just so good, you know? The sun just broke through the clouds. Georgie was in the bath, and it's not like she got happier or anything when she saw her Daddy, she was still cranky and tired and very ready for bed... but suddenly it didn't seem like such a big deal. I put her to bed and then collapsed a little because I was just spent and I didn't have anything planned for dinner. But even that didn't matter too much. I ended up making a quick risotto which was really, really good (I'll have to share the recipe sometime soon).

But things were just better, easier, because Shane was home. I wasn't alone. He was funny and made me laugh and he cared about me and he was just there. And it made all the difference in the world.

So today as I link up with Kate for Thankful Thursdays, I am just really thankful for my husband. He is by no means perfect, but he is exactly right for me. And somehow despite all our crazy and our faults, we work.


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  2. Great Post; I know the feeling well, the air changes when my husband gets home, especially when it's been a hard day.

  3. I love this, and you know why too ;)

    So glad the clouds lifted for you xox

    And thanks for linking up!


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