Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thankful that pain is temporary

I don't tend to talk too much about it. But I suffer from pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. It's not terrible- there are many worse things that can bother a woman during pregnancy. But it hurts. This time around it's a little bit worse too.

It's generally not too bad during the day when I'm doing and moving. But by the end of the day, when I stop a little, the pain starts. It gets worse when I've had a day when I've done too much. It's in my right hip and stretches down my leg to my knee. I have a bath almost every night to help with the pain and it does help, but when my muscles relax I have a really hard time getting around. The sharp jabs of pain can floor me sometimes, and there is a dull ache that creeps down my leg as the pain gets worse. It's really hard to sleep. I wake myself up when I try to roll over in bed sometimes, and getting up in the middle of the night can occasionally drop me to the ground (thank God Georgie is a good sleeper!). But most of the time, it improves during the morning and then goes downhill in the afternoon.

It means lots of trips to the physio. I go there fortnightly generally. I would go every second day if I could, but unfortunately my bank balance can't allow it. So I make do with being taped up every now and then and wearing an attractive belt when it gets really bad.

It's not fun, but at the same time I try not to make too much of it. Most women have one thing or another than bothers them during pregnancy, and at least my back rights itself straight after the baby's born. It may even get better by about 35 weeks or so with any luck, as I think it did with Georgie.

But it has made me realise how very fortunate I am. I am not the fittest or healthiest person on the planet by any means. I could definitely take better care of myself in regards to diet, fitness and sun safety. But at the same time, I am healthy. If I wanted to train my body to climb Mount Everest I probably could (although not while pregnant obviously!). But I am capable. My body does not hold me back. Sometimes I hold myself back with my bad habits, but my body is strong and well.

For me, this pain is temporary. I know it is. Other people are not so fortunate. Many, many people deal with debilitating pain on a day-to-day basis. Other people's bodies are not so capable. So I am grateful. Sometimes it is really tough. But I know the road I am walking is a short one. This pain is not a life sentence. When this baby is born I plan on working my butt off to try and get back into shape. And I can. And that's a really good thing.

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  1. My pregnancy ailments were much less painful than yours, but nonetheless, were worse the second time round. I had gestational diabetes for both and spider and some varicose veins. Everything did mostly normalise after birth but it has impacted my body. My blood sugar tolerance isn't too great, though still within normal range and I still have some spider veins on my legs. I suppose I should add the jellier belly with more stretch marks too but that is probably a given for most of us! I am thankful I didn't experience too much trauma being pregnant and the pain with each c-section did go after a short while. Some are not so fortunate, as you say.

  2. oh I can empathise! I had the same with ninja's pregnancy. The pain used to bring me to tears :( heat bags helped.. Plus physio at the hospital. A chiro was my saviour!
    It was the first thing I noticed after giving birth, no pain!!!!

  3. I didn't have this in my first pregnancy, so it was quite a shock to me in my second pregnancy when one day I went for a walk with a friend - a vigourous walk up and down hills, no less - and that night I found I couldn't move! I remember trying to cross the kitchen on my hands and knees in tears because of the pain, it took several days to recover, but after that the pain never completely went away until a couple of months after my second was born.

    With my third and fourth pregnancies I was much more careful but the everyday pain was worse with each pregnancy. After four babies, I have to say I still get that pain now, not constantly like in pregnancy, but on and off. I've never seen a physic though because we just can't afford it.

    Baths are great, also do you have a pillow you can put between your legs when you're laying on your side in bed at night? That also helped me a lot. Oh and hot water bottle/wheatie heats are great for when you can't get into a bath!

    You have my sympathies!

  4. Oh babe I hear you. I had the same in my last two pregnancies and it was awful, especially with other children to care for.

    I'm so glad you can find the gratitude that it is temporary, and by the time you're holding your precious new babe it will be no more than a memory of a challenging time.

    Much love and thankyou for linking up xox.

  5. What a great way to look at it. I think hearing of what other women go through, especially when tripping around the blogosphere, makes me see my own ailments in a different light. Although, it doesn't change the fact you still have to endure this. I feel your pain.
    Thinking of you. xx

  6. I know how you feel. I had pelvic instability (SIJ) for both pregnancies. Unfortunately I'm in the 5% of women that don't experience relief once the baby is born. By the end of the second pregnancy I was on crutches. It took more than 6 months after my son was born to start returning to normal. It was only after another pelvic injury that I started Pilates and now I'm stronger than I have ever been and pain free. Good luck with yours. Heat packs and pilates are your friends!
    Visiting from Kate's Thankful Thursday

  7. Oh that sounds horrible :( Great way to look at it. xx

  8. oh you poor thing. i only had it for a week with my first but could barely walk. thankfully it went away quickly. heat pack heat pack heat pack! but what a lovely take on it all. hope it disappears soon and you're only left with a faint memory.

  9. You have such a great attitude.

    When I had a lot of pain in my last pregnancy I really struggled. I thought it would last forever!

    I really hope this sorts itself out for you soon. It doesn't sound like much fun :(

  10. Ouch, that sounds awful :-( I can empathise to an extent, as I had terrible sciatica during both pregnancies, particularly my second. Some nights it would take me 15 minutes to walk (screeching like a banshee and clutching the wall) to the toilet at night. No fun :/ I hope this resolves for you quickly once your pregnancy is over x


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