Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day: Lesson Learned

For Fathers Day this year, I decided to take and frame a cute photo of Georgie. I had a really cool, creative idea in my head, it was a great idea, but really hard to execute! Here's how it went.

Okay Mum, I'm here... why?
Oooh Look!
Almost smiling....
Now I'll stand up and try to pull it off the wall
I've had enough now!!

 Finally we got a keeper! It's not exactly the designer shot I had in mind,
but she's smiling and that's all that counts!

Lesson learned: It's generally a silly idea to try and get a 14 month old baby to smile in a specific pose. But we got there in the end! Oh and if you are ever silly enough to try something similar- get a friend to help! Or else holding them in place with your foot tickling them can also work! Oh, and I definitely don't see a career in photography in my future...

Happy Father's Day Shane!


  1. Hehhe...what a great idea! I did the same thing, make a fathers day present that went epically wrong (post will go live tomorrow morning!); the things we mothers take on board!

  2. It's always the thought that counts. But you did good, anyway!

  3. brilliant, what a great idea! She's just a bit cute :) I hear you.. The best plans always have me all ina spin!

  4. What an awesome idea. Mind you, my 13 month old looks away every time the camera is neat, so it wouldn't work for us.

    I actually think the whole process makes a top present

  5. Hello! Poppy by cause I found you via Amy's blog- Things I Never Knew. :-)

    What a lovely idea!! I think I would just result to photoshop if she wasn't int he right pose! Then I can put the little bubbles wherever I wanted!

    Also, how annoying is awesome ideas not turning out as you hoped?!

    I hope you're happy with the outcome though, it looks great. :-)

  6. It's all good- not perfect, but life rarely is! I'll have to get a little more tech-savvy as I have no idea how to use photoshop- that's hubs department and I couldn't get his help for this! :)


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