Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I had a foodie post all written and lined up for Tasty Tuesdays, (yes I know, I've been a slack bum in that department) but today it has to take a back seat because I have News!! (with two exclamation points!!)

First, guess who is walking!? It's funny, I know it's not like earth-shattering or anything, but the simple truth is that it is for us. We are currenty in the city again for a week so Georgie can see the allergy doctor and for Shane to do a course for a couple of days. Today we have spent all day out and Georgie has been the world's best baby while being carted around town all day, and then when we got back to the house, I just put Georgie down and she just started toddling around! She was laughing and thought she was just the cleverest thing out and Shane and I were just so happy and excited!

I'm so glad that she decided to wait until Shane has been able to be around, it would have been a bit sad if he'd missed it. It's like all of a sudden she's just decided 'Hey, I can walk!" and off she's gone. She's probably taken about thirty steps, and she falls down, but then just stands up again- her balance is so good and it's just so awesome to see! Not ground breaking... but really fantastic if you're her Mummy. I will post a photo some time soon.

The next bit of news relates to the egg allergy. We saw the specialist today and he was actually pretty nice (after we were warned that he wasn't exactly a 'people person'). He did the tests and she reacted to egg, but it's not very serious. Apparently up to 70% of children grow out of egg allergies and since hers isn't very severe, there's a good chance she could too. In the meantime we are to keep away from whole eggs, but should be right to start testing her out again on things that are cooked very well like cake and biscuits.We will go back and review it when she's two, or maybe two and a half. So that was really good news.

So there you have it. I'm sure I could write this post much more creatively, however I'm pretty knackered after a huge day. But I just wanted to share!


  1. YAy! Way to Go G! Walking is a huge milestone. In a short while you'll be regretting ever teaching her to walk :P but do try to enjoy it before walking becomes running which becomes sprinting.

  2. Wow, well done Georgie! Great news all around.
    So glad for you that Shane was able to share in it too.

  3. Yay for Georgie! And you! It's amazing how when they walk just that little bit later, they are such pros at it straight away!

    And fantastic news on the egg thing. That will make baking a whole lot easier for you.

  4. Very exciting news!! There's something magical about watching that first step.

  5. How exciting!!! Well done Georgie!!!! What a clever little thing! That's good news about the egg allergy as well!!!


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