Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Belong to Me

Some days being your Mummy is the easiest thing in the world. Some days you are just a little packet of loveliness and joy and you are everything that is wonderful in the world. Some days you frustrate me so much I could quite happily just put you down and scream (and to be honest I do).

You are a busy, busy little person. And you are growing madly at the moment. You are not walking just yet, but are so incredibly close. I love watching you do things. You are a bit of a thinker. I don't know how your Dad and I produced a thinker. But we did. You don't just blunder your way into things, you do things slowly. You tend to take your time and are very careful when you try something new.

You are so cheeky, and you are such a Daddy's girl. I get up you and get a cheeky grin in return. Your Dad reprimands you for the smallest thing and you dissolve into a puddle of hurt childhood femininity that completely disarms him. (Glad to see you've got things figured out early)

You love the puppy, you two are such good friends, and Chloe thinks you're wonderful because you feed her so much.

I love watching you grow. You are a sticky, snotty little bundle of pain and difficulty at times, but you are mine and I adore you.

You belong to me.


  1. Aw, that's so sweet. Just recently my progeny-phobe husband (who I had to battle with to have the four kids we have) turned to me all dewy eyed and said, "I was lookin' at you bunch today and I suddenly realised, you're all my, my family" - only took him 14 years to figure that out, doofus! But awwwwww!

  2. awww :) Love the moments, they grow up way too fast dont they :)

  3. I'm sniffling a little bit. Beautiful post! Awwwwww! Ok, it's real tears now - I've got the music playing in the background!

  4. Awww I love this post. So cute too!!

  5. So gorgeous!

    You have summed up motherhood so incredibly well.

  6. Beautiful post Robyn - you have really captured how us mummies (and I'm sure daddies) feel!

  7. Your post got me thinking. They do belong to us....for a time. I feel that I'm already preparing for the day I have to let them go. I know that's a long way off yet but whilst they are mine, they are also their own little selves. They need guidance and leadership to help them become who they are meant to be when they go off into the wide world on their own. They belong to me but each day, as they grow up, the attached strings, bit by bit, lose their elasticity as they become more independent and venture into the world. A little bittersweet.

  8. Veronica- so true! I love the way you worded that! Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone :)


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