Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Little Miss Georgie was dedicated yesterday. We've had a horrible few days.... days when I cried- a lot. Days when you wonder why you are married, why you even bother working, why we live in this little town... why we even follow God. It's funny, but I really do think life would be so much easier if we just didn't try sometimes, you know?

And I know we've just come out of a huge battle. But anyway, in the midst of all this stress and general horribleness. Georgie was dedicated. To be honest, I actually forgot that that's what we were doing this weekend. I got so caught up in getting her little outfit organised, worrying if Shane's parents would come and what that could mean, thinking about friends of ours that were coming, organising lunch, remembering that Shane was on Communion on Sunday and helping him and praying about that, plus I had to have my mandatory 'What on earth am I going to wear?' freak out (just once I'd love to be comfortable in my own skin). 

But, as usual, things worked out. Georgie looked cute, Shane's Mum came to the dedication, and I think even though she probably thought we were a bit odd (and really, to the outside world we are) it was okay, Shane did a great job of communion, our friends came and lunch was nice- and I was dressed and I know I looked fine, even if I can't feel that good about myself at the moment.  But I forgot all about Georgie. It wasn't until the Pastor mentioned the dedication and what it means that I got out of my head. When we went up to the front and my Dad prayed for Georgie and started talking about the generational faith, and the Pastor prayed for her I remembered that God was in it. And it hit me.

Yesterday was so much more than I made it. It was Shane and I, uniting with God to raise Georgie.  Dedicating her life to God. It was us, holding ourselves accountable to our friends, family and our church, to ensure that we raise Georgina to know God.... giving her up to God. It reminded me of what's important. Not what we wear or how we feel- but who HE is.

Georgie..... Isn't she just beautiful?

My Dad talking about Georgie and about to pray. We are so blessed by family.

Pastor Shane praying for Georgie. We are so blessed in our church.

So now I'm going to try to remember, and recognize. Of course we had a horrible weekend. We have just done a very important thing, and the enemy did not like it. They fought it every step of the way.

But what we are doing is worth fighting for.

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