Friday, March 25, 2011

an odd dream

A few weeks ago I had a very bad dream. I can only remember a fraction of it- but at any rate here it is.

It was around the World War Two era, and Shane, Georgie and I were Jews. We were in Europe and the war was just starting. Shane was working as a gardener (!?) and his boss was a Nazi who didn't know we were Jews, and when he found out he sent us to run away instead of sending us to camp because he liked Georgie. (It was a dream okay?) But it wasn't quite like it really was. Instead of Yellow stars on your clothes, you carried a yellow rubber button, and things were just.... different.

Then in my dream we went into hiding with my family, and we were hiding in an old building, but they were coming to get us, so we were running through the building trying to hide further in, and it was all just horrible. And suddenly it turned out, we weren't Jews, they were coming for us because we were Christian- and it wasn't WWII, it was now.

And then I woke up.

Now I know it was just a dream, and I don't think that I'm a prophet. But it threw me. Because the fact is, one day all Christians will be persecuted. In many countries they already are. We won't always have the freedom we currently enjoy. We won't always be able to be so blase about our faith. And it scared me.

I wonder what kind of world Georgie is going to grow up in. What kind of world I will grow old in. I know Jesus is coming..... but I want to be selfish and say, 'don't come until I'm gone!... and until my children are gone!". But then I know that he's going to come at the right time. I just worry that we really don't know what's in store for us. But He is our hope. He is God. And we just have to trust him and keep going.


  1. This made me think. Our Lent bible study this week was about the coming of Christ and what those end days will be like.

    Scary to think that we could be heading fast towards the days where they will persecute us because of our faith- it always scares me to think 'Will I be ready? Ready to stand for Christ, no matter the cost?'. I'm just relying that God will give me the strength and the words and everything I need.

  2. Amy- I guess that's what we all have to do... not always easy though!


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