Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bucket List

Today I watched the film 'The Bucket List' and it made me think about my own bucket list.

So here it is:

1. Stay up all night, just for fun. Not because I'm up with a baby, or because I have to. Just because I want to. Stay up all night just to see the sun rise.

2. Make a new friend, a really good friend, all by myself.

3. Witness a miracle.

4. Go bungee jumping. (I wanted to go when we went skiing in New Zealand, and Shane wouldn't let me, but one day, when my children are older, I'm going to go back and do it)

5. Spend a year without television.

6. Watch my children grow up.

7. Go to London.

8. Drive the Great Ocean Road with Shane.

9. Do a triathlon

10. Share my testimony to a congregation.

11.  Go on a boat, and go far out enough on the water so that I can't see land at all.

12. Go on a family holiday with my entire family (Mum Dad, sisters, etc)

13.Write something great.

12. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef.

13. Go to Canada.

14. Witness to somebody. Share my faith.

15. Get my manual license.

16. Win something. Something big.

17. See the Aurora Borealis. (Northern Lights)

18.  Learn to knit

19. Move somewhere where we know nobody.

20. Go camping. (and I mean serious camping in a tent, for like, a week or more- cabins don't cut it)

21. Fast. Do a serious biblical-type fast, for a very good reason.

22. Go to Israel. Stand where Jesus stood.

23. Ride a galloping horse (and don't fall off!)

24. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.

25. Ski down an advanced run (successfully)

This would be a photo of me just after I skied down a beginners run very UNsuccessfully!


  1. Crazy - I'm just taping that movie tomorrow night to watch on the tv! Awesome list - love your faith!

  2. Thanks- I just checked out your blog... Loving it!

  3. Totally do able. I think I would struggle with the year without television even though I don't watch it much. I need it for my kids to watch so I can get some things done :) I adore the faith related goals. Good luck achieving them and have fun! N x

  4. What a great list! Certainly a lot of travels/moving there :) Have you ticked any off since you wrote it a year ago???

    1. I've done two, and am working on 3 more at the moment :)


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