Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In which I say not much at all....

Today was a day filled with sleeping and pyjamas and cuddles and playing peek-a-boo and washing (oh! the washing!) and not too much else.

We got back from being away yesterday, and boy was it a big trip! First and most importantly.... Wicked was fan-freaking-tastic! So, so, so, so great! I can't stop singing the songs, but I don't know them very well, so I just keep singing 'Pop-u-lar, you're going to be Pop-u-ooo-lar!' and yes, it's very irritating!

Next, while we were away Georgie cut her first tooth! It was not a great weekend for the cutting of teeth to occur. We were in a reasonably small hotel room for two nights, and those two nights were the worst we have EVER had with her. They consisted of lots of walking up and down corridors, pushing a pram, trying her in the baby carrier, crying, swearing and grizzling! I swear every time she got to sleep she would wake up within 20 minutes! Also, our air conditioner in the motel room broke on Friday night and started pouring out hot air, so at 3am Georgie was boiling hot and I put her in the bath to cool her down, which, in turn, woke her up, and then she didn't go back down until 5:30. It was just bad all round.

But the Saturday night was much better in comparison. It really helped that Shane and I had had a better afternoon on Saturday, and were less inclined to tear each others heads off... but it was touch and go there for a while my friends I'm telling you!

We also left our pillows in the motel room. And I know, it shouldn't matter that much, but it was my favourite pillow!! And I really really miss it! Also, I left a book that a friend lent me in one of the pillowcases (Bad friend!)  However I rang the hotel yesterday and they are supposed to be sending them back, so I'll be quiet!

But seriously.... my favourite pillow!

On the upside we got to catch up with some friends on Sunday night.  They're the kind of people you can catch up with, and it doesn't matter how long it's been, you're just so comfortable. You know those friends you see, and you don't feel like they're putting on a 'front' with you, and you don't have to be anyone but you with them? It was just nice.

We also had a really great time with my family. We went out for Greek on Saturday night- yummy! And then we had the most amazing breakfast on Sunday morning before we walked down to the river and wandered at the markets. It was just so lovely. I really enjoy the city, but still, I wouldn't want to live there. I just wish we could take a little bit of it back home with us. Our town isn't exactly the most exciting of places. But it is still so nice to be home.

The trip back was pretty uneventful, Georgie slept for most of it, and ate cucumber for the rest- it is one of best teething tools I ever discovered! But yesterday afternoon was a mad rush of grocery shopping, since we came home to no food, mowing, as the lawn was out of control, and then rushing to music practice for church. So it has been nice to have a quiet day today where Georgie and I didn't do too much. That is one of the nice things about stay-at-home-motherhood. If you're feeling pretty stressed and the kids are off, you can just elect to have a quiet day sometimes.

I would post some photos, but the camera is in the car and the car is already in the shed, and I do not go into the shed at night unless I absolutely have to. I really don't like spiders. So..... that's about it. I had nothing really significant to say, and I've said it, but feel better for it.


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