Friday, March 25, 2011

And now on a much lighter note...

Conversation between Shane and I tonight....

Scenario: Georgie had just recently gone to bed. I was watching 'You've got mail' in the lounge room and Shane was in the office working on his Communion message for Sunday.

Me: (Coming into the office) Hey honey, can I look at something on the computer for a second?

Shane: (Grumpy) Oh, fine- but be quick, I had just found the verse I wanted.

Me: (looking up 'You've got mail' images on Google- [gotta love it]!- and then looking at a picture of Meg Ryan.) What do you think I'd look like with that haircut?

Said Picture

Shane: I think you don't need to get your hair cut, because you'll just get it short and then come home all sad because they won't have gotten it right and you'll wish you're hair was long again. Then you'll moan about how you can't put your hair up and I'll have to listen to it.

Me: Yeah, but I always wear it up anyway.

Shane: And you say that every time, and every time you get it cut short, wait for it to grow long enough for you to tie up and then wear it up again. Do what you want to your hair- just don't moan to me about it. And tell the people down the road to stop playing their music so loud.

Me: You're a grumpy old man tonight aren't you?

Shane: Yes, I can't wait until I have grey hair and wrinkles and can be a grumpy old man and nobody will think anything of my grumpiness because I'll be an old man. This Communion message is going nowhere.

Me: Love you. You want a hot chocolate?

Shane: Okay.

I love being married. Sometimes it's so, so hard, but it's really nice. In other news, I'm thinking of getting my hair cut short, what do you think?


  1. I'm pretty sure I didn't say half of that, I will admit to enjoying my grumpy old man spiel, however I don't remember rambling on about your hair that much missy. After all I am a male and I believe I was more straight to the point and blunt on the matter than what you have portrayed me as here.

    My Communion message is going well too, and if you cut your hair short and you don't like it honey, I'll shave my head so you can borrow my hair till yours looks better (so far I think I remember you going through this twice before with the same outcome - that you didn't like it). I've been thinking about going bald anyways so that our daughter won't grow up with a complex about her hair or lack there of.

    However if you do decide to get your hair cut I will support you as I always have and love you just as much as our beautiful bald little girl.

    By the way, the hot chocolate was lovely thank-you.

  2. You TOTALLY did say all that- you were in full-on rant mode last night :) Glad your message is going better. And I love you.

  3. and it's called poetic license honey ;)


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