Saturday, February 26, 2011

An icky-feeling, grumpy post (feel free to skip this one!)

These past couple of days have been all kinds of terrible... tomorrow is Georgie's dedication and Shane's family may be in church plus Shane is doing Communion, and yesterday I shared a very Christian blog post on facebook- do you see the connection there?

Georgie's teeth have been giving us MAJOR grief, she is 8 months old on Tuesday and yet to have single tooth. Yesterday there was one just under the gum, it was so hard and swollen and I thought 'Oh well, at least there's an end in sight." Today it has moved back down.

Also- note to future Robyn- never ever try to dye your hair yourself when you're already not in a good place! I had a go at streaking my hair today with Mum, Cathy and Lizzie's help- and while it didn't turn out too badly, it just didn't go so great. Plus we ran out of dye- apparently I have too much hair for one box now. So yeah... next time I think I'm just going to try to wait until I can save up to go to the hairdressers! I normally do get it done by a hairdresser, but at up to 150 bucks a pop- it's just one of those things that is definitely no longer a necessity (darn it!).

Shane and I have been super stressed, and taking it out on each other. He's tired because he's worked far too many days in a row lately, and I'm tired because Georgie's not herself.... I'm telling you, it's just been bad all round!

Aaaannnddd that's about it. I just wish Satan wasn't so good at kicking you when you're down,you know?

On the plus side, today would have been a WHOLE lot worse without Mum and my sisters. Especially Mum. I really can't be grateful enough for her. How is it that she can always tell the difference between a daughter who is about to collapse in a big heap and really really needs her dishes done, and a daughter who needs to be told to do them herself? Hope I learn that one one day!

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