Thursday, February 10, 2011

A day in the life of a Georgie: part 1

Today I realised I've been a little remiss with the photographing of my cute little button. So here are a whole heap to make up for it!

Her door- isn't it pretty?

This is what I am greeted with every morning.......... it's pretty great.

Then we go for a walk most mornings- and sometimes she sleeps.
Then Georgie plays for a while

Before we eat breakfast,
And then we have a bath- cause she makes a big mess!

and then we get dressed and play with mummy for a while!

Sometimes she's a bit cheeky and gets in places she shouldn't!
But see how clever she's getting?

And that's was our morning! In other news: Georgina is most definitely crawling, and getting really fast too! Today I made (or attempted to make) a loaf of sweet raisin bread in the bread maker. It was a dud. It's heavy and doughy and simply no good. Also, Georgie has decided that the hairdryer is her mortal enemy and when it makes an appearance she must scream and scream and scream. Today her Aunty Lizzie came over when she was on lunch because I didn't get to have a shower or dry my hair until lunchtime (which happens occasionally, and I've learned to be okay with it) because she could hear her all the way from over next door! (Thanks Liz!) And finally, Georgina has come to the conclusion that actually, food is okay after all, and she will eat, thank you very much, and today she finished her entire yoghurt!...... something that has never happened before :)

It was a pretty big deal.

Also, why is it that at the end of the day, the world is terrible and bad and awful and all we want to do is cry while Mummy tries to cook dinner, But, as soon as Daddy comes home, everything is wonderful and we want to dance and laugh?

That's okay though, we love our Daddy!

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