Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fly

Imagine you go to sit down with a cup of tea and a really great book. You have nothing you 'should' be doing, no stresses or things that are unsettling you. Your family is perfectly happy and safe, but are all otherwise occupied.

Things are perfect.

But as you sit down, sipping your tea and enjoying your book, a very large fly comes buzzing around the room you are in. It buzzes and and buzzes and buzzes around.

You become unsettled and distracted. And all of a sudden, it doesn't matter that every single other aspect of your life is perfect, because there is one thing that isn't, and all you can see is that damn buzzing fly that has destroyed your serenity.

You have three choices.

Option number one, is to get up and get rid of the fly.

Option number two, is to learn to live with it, and to simply ignore it and focus on all the other good things instead, which are still just as good as they were before the fly came into the room.

Option number three, is to let it ruin your perfect afternoon. Tell every person that walks in the door about the fly, and make sure they know how much it upsets you. Bring them down too, if you can. Make yourself unable to concentrate on anything else in your life, and follow the fly around for the entire afternoon, allowing it to consume your time, and your life.

What will you choose?

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