Thursday, July 5, 2012

My boy

I love his little laugh.

I love the way he sucks his thumb.

I love how I can charm him out of a bad mood.

I love his fat little legs, and how squeezing them makes him giggle.

I love waking up to his happy face in the morning.


I love our funny little conversations, when you could swear he is telling me everything he knows.

I love how ticklish he is.

I love the way he gets amazingly funny when he is so cranky and hungry, and then finally gets that first mouthful of food/ boob.

I love the way he is so wholly and absolutely boy.

I love getting kisses/ face sucks from him.

I love watching him move so quickly when he spots something his sister has left unnattended.

I love how he and his sister are such good friends.

 I love his sweet smile.

I love the way you can always tell what's going on with him.

I love being his Mummy.

Today I'm linking up with Kate, over at Kate Says Stuff, for Thankful Thursdays.


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