Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Logistics of Motherhood

Today I thought I might write a little bit about how I manage as a Mum. Part of what I love about blogging is the sticky-beak factor... I find it very interesting to see how other mothers live and think and feel and act. Whether it gives me good ideas, or makes me go 'Yeah I like my way so much better!' I really enjoy a bit of friendly nosiness from time to time, and I thought you might too. So I thought I'd write a post about how I manage to enjoy (and at times survive) stay-at-home-motherhood.

Save water, shower with a friend.

This applies to bathing as well!

Before I had kids, I used to shower twice a day. I remember talking to one of my friends who is a Mum, and somehow this was mentioned, and she said 'Yeah, you'll be lucky to do that when you have kids!' Turns out, she was wrong. For me, showering is a necessity. I don't feel ready to start the day until I've showered, and I can't sleep properly dirty. So I have made it happen.  In the mornings, Shane starts work early, sometimes we don't even wake up before he is gone. So I have to shower on my own with the kids. Most of the time, Georgie hops into the shower with me, and I pick a good time when Charlie is happy and he plays on the floor in the hallway nearby. I can see myself in a years time showering with both of them, and honestly, the idea of it doesn't thrill me, but it's a lot better than not showering, and my tinies are just too small to be able to leave unsupervised yet. I love Georgie, but I wouldn't put it past her to 'help' feed Charlie, or put a bag on his head or something. So for now, that's how I do it.

It's hard to start the day fresh if you're busy doing yesterday's dishes.

I must admit, housework has never been my strong suit. (Is is anyone's?) Before kids I used to let a lot of it pile up until I dealt with it one weekends, and it has taken discipline for me to learn how to clean daily with kids. I am still not the greatest homemaker in the world, but now I have learned that there are certain things I need to do, if my house is going to run smoothly. Every night, I try to do about 45 minutes of cleaning before bed. I aim do the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the rubbish, put a load of washing on ready for the morning, pick up toys, and make sure most things are put back in their rightful places. I don't love it, especially on the nights when Charlie doesn't go to bed until late. I get a bit grumpy when I'm up at midnight doing dishes, and occasionally I do leave it, but it's (almost) always worth it.

This might be different for other people. I know if my two didn't sleep as well as they do I might not do it. But generally they are only up four times a night at the most, and my kids also tend to sleep in. So night cleaning works for me. It's nice to have the house tidy every night. And I get things done so much quicker without little people around. Plus, it means that in the mornings, if needed, we can just have breakfast, get ready, and get out of the house quickly. I haven't yet figured out a system to handle my folding however, and still often use the 'let it pile up until it's disgusting' method with it!

Your witness

Get out.

One of the things I learned with stay at home motherhood, is that my days go so much easier if we have spent a portion of the day out of the house. I tend to try to get out most mornings, because it helps me feel less confined. Some mornings we have playgroup or bible study, other mornings I visit friends or go grocery shopping, and if I have nothing else on the agenda but just need to get out, I often just pop the kids in the pram and go for a walk. It helps a lot, and makes motherhood just a little bit less lonely.


The last thing that I've found to be absolutely essential for me is exercise. It helps me keep my head together. Every day I try to do something. I go to the gym a couple of times a week for workouts, and I do pilates and Zumba classes when the stars align properly (and Shane gets home in time). Whenever I get the chance I also try to swim and ride my bike, but my most common form of exercise is walking. Sometimes exercising is the last thing I feel like doing, especially when I think I could be sleeping instead! But it really does help.

So there you have it. Just some of the things that help keep me slightly less crazy! And, if you are a Mummy, what are your sanity-saving tips?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I do love reading abt how other mums handle their day :) I agree that sometimes we really have to make things happen, rather than accept that mums "don't have the time" or "can't" do it :p keep up with the exercise! I shld really try to do it more each week.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. i love that you have not only identified what keeps you going, but also worked to ensure that these are priority status for you - sounds like a very awesome smooth running household :)


    1. Lol- sometimes! I still fall in a heap often, but this stuff helps make it happen less. :)

  3. If I fold my washing as I take it off the line, it doesn't pile up. It takes more time getting it off the line, but it's worth it.

    1. I think that might be what I need to start doing!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that e-card!

    I prepare bottles, clean the kitchen, do the ironing once the little ones go to bed. My older two kids, aged 5 and 3, are now being given little jobs to do to help me along - making their beds, tidying away toys before bed. Their work isn't the best quality, but every little bit helps!

    1. I look forward to the time when mine are big enough to start helping- and really help! Georgie tries a bit, but most of her helping makes more work at this stage!

  5. hehe seems to be alot of housework posts today (mine included!)

    Glad u get to shower twice a day :) it definitely is something u can't possibly give up!

  6. My post was on housework too!

    I knew there was a reason I liked blogging and reading other people's blogs so much. It's the sticky beak factor!!!!

  7. I love to have a sticky beak too, there's just something about learning how other people do things, and their personalities and why they are the way they are. Yes, I know, I'm creepy! But I am a closet people-watcher :)

  8. I teach my kids to pick up after themselves, they play outside for a bit each day, usually when the baby is napping, so I can do a quick sweep & tidy. And definitely some tome OUT of the house each day helps. I usually shower with my kids to save time & water but if I need a long, hot solo shower then I wait til hubby is home :-)

  9. Thanks for the sticke beak! :)
    There is a huge amount to be said for cleaning up before bed. I can't stand having a dirty kitchen to wake up to, and even just a quick tidy of the lounge makes such a difference to how I start the day.


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