Monday, July 23, 2012

I have a two year old, how did that happen?

In the past couple of weeks. This little girl has had her birthday.

I find it a bit hard to believe that I have a big two year old! It seems like all of a sudden, Georgie has stopped being anything that resembles a baby and is a real little girl.

She is such a cheeky little thing.

She is such a beautiful girl. She is getting quite chatty now, and has very definite ideas. She is incredibly stubborn, and so determined! She is a very independent little girl as well, and I often have to watch her closely, because her ideas and her capabilities don't always line up!

She adores her Father, I often joke that Shane must feel a little like a rockstar with the way she idolizes him. Especially at church on Sundays. He regularly plays the drums at church during worship, and when Georgie knows that the music is finished and her Dad is going to come sit with her, the whole congregation often has a chuckle at a little girl's excited shouts of "Daddy! Daddy!"

She also loves her brother. She constantly cuddles and 'mothers' him, and he just thinks she is wonderful. I know eventually there will be plenty of fighting, but right now, I love their relationship. I do have to watch her pretty closely though, because sometimes she can get a bit carried away!

She had a reasonably quiet birthday. We had a party, but it was a small-(ish) family affair. I was quite proud of the cake. It was a fluffy white chocolate mud cake, and I had a definite 'feel like a parent moment' while putting it together with Shane the night before her birthday!

Georgie couldn't quite grasp what all the fuss was about, but she had a great birthday!

I am so glad for the day, two years ago, when we had little Georgina Shirley. It has been hard work, but she has filled our lives with so much joy.


  1. Gorgeous!! Happy birthday Georgina :) It's just amazing how quickly the time flies.

  2. Aww, happy birthday pretty girl :)

  3. Aww baby Georgie at Grandma's - now that brings back memories.

  4. Happy birthday to your big girl!!! Cake looks great too.

  5. Naw, happy 2nd birthday Georgina! She's a cutie patootie with such a precious smile x


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