Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That moment when you realise you have become your Mother...

You can see the merit in ironing clothes.

You cannot go to bed without doing the dishes.

You think a nice cup of tea is the perfect end to every meal, and you also believe a cup of tea can help solve every problem.... basically, you just drink a lot of tea.

You are always late for everything, because you always want to "just hang out a load of washing really quickly" before you go anywhere.

The idea of a bath, a really good book and a great night's sleep... sounds like the best night ever.

You look for SPF in your moisturizer.

You are less interested in the trendiness of your wardrobe, than the practicality, and you no longer buy clothes that you don't wear.

You find yourself thinking "that music really needs to be turned down!"

You make people text you when they are travelling, so you won’t worry.

You are willing to accept less... so your children can have more.

Linking up with Jess for some #IBOT fun!


  1. Oh this sounds like me alright & I'm only 22 haha

  2. Yes, Yes and Yes. Particularly the washing one, I've been late to work twice in the last fortnight for exactly this reason!

  3. Heh heh heh yep I so identify with some of these - in particular clothes that are COMFORTABLE, and nothing beats a good night in - or a cup of tea!

  4. You prefer ABC evenings with Peter Goers to whatever rubbish they are trying to peddle on your tv screen...

    You mourn the loss of your rocking chair and make your husband spend his weekends following you around at garage sales while you search for a new one... and a hallstand... and a royal doulton tea trio... but not that one...

    You get snarky if your tea cup DOESN'T come as a trio...

    You get snarky if someone uses your tea cup, or puts it in the dishwasher to be bashed around...

    You buy a bigger handbag so you can take your sewing, crochet, knitting with you to appointments.

    You want to give emos a stern talking to and pull random teenagers pants up...

    You can't understand how ANYONE got their driver's licence...



    *sigh* I think I'm my mother. Or just plain old.

  5. You are right, motherhood certainly changes us. Although I'm usually so tired that I do go to bed without doing the washing up. The rest I am absolutely relating to! :)

  6. Great post Robyn...so true! I think I need to go and make myself a cup of tea!

  7. Oh, I'm so with you on all of these! And tea. How good is tea?!!

  8. Yep you pretty much nailed it!
    Having said that, I refuse to be so neurotic about traveling like my mum is. She even checked in on me when I went to DPCON!

    Now I'm off to make some tea...

  9. Oh yes. I am definitely becOming my mother. :(

  10. Yep you pretty much just described me, specifically the tea part, I think now I may drink even more than my Mum and I never thought that was possible!

  11. Me almost to a T. But since I'm like *my* mother, we never ever get to that relaxing bath!


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