Friday, May 4, 2012

Just swim

If you told me that I could never swim again, I would be absolutely devastated. I love swimming. I just do. I go as often as I can. Sometimes that half hour at the pool is the best part of my day. I don't think I can describe it accurately.... But when I'm in the water, it's as if the world just ceases to exist, or just stops mattering. All there is, is that cold clean light world underwater. Life suddenly gets very simple at the pool. Stroke, stroke, stroke... Breathe. Kick your legs. Count the laps. Everything just slows right down.

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. It probably sounds stupid, but the pool is one if my favorite places in the world. Especially my town pool. I find it is such a safe place. I learned how to swim there. We used to take the bus from school and go to P.E classes there. I used to go there every afternoon when I was a girl, and swim lap after lap, training to do well at the swimming carnivals. I think I have done thousands of laps there. Probably tens of thousands.

It was recently redone. They made it semi-indoor and they heated it. The current manager takes very good care of it, so it is very clean and nice to swim at. These past few days the heating has been broken (it breaks frequently and it's quite an issue, but we won't go into that) and so the water has been very cold. At 21 degrees. I think I might be the only person that actually doesn't mind it when the heating breaks, but I like the cold. It means that there are less people, and it's lovely having the entire pool to yourself. It's freezing yes, but it also makes you feel so alive!

The first few laps are horrible, your body aches from the cold, and your lungs feel like they could burst because you swim so much faster when it's cold. But after a while you settle and get into your rhythm. The first 10 laps go slow, and the next 10 seem to drag, but then if you can push past it and get to 30 or 40 laps, it is just so good. I try to reach 30 laps most generally. 40 on a good day, 20 on a bad one.

It's nice, doing something that is so good for you, you know? I like that I can set my own pace, depending on how I feel. And it's not the kind of exercise that leaves you hot and sweaty and disgusting. I find it just tires me out nicely, gets rid of all the stress of the day. I love it because it's time when I can exercise, but it doesn't feel like hard work. I don't have to think about the kids, or the house, or anything if I don't want to. I think that lately, it's been one of the things that is helping keeping me present. I love my kids, and my life, I really do. But it is still hard work. So that hour, or half hour, or however long I can manage to be away from the kids... it is just helping enormously lately.

Just swim.

Today I am (finally) linking up with BBeing Cool for her Team Friday linky. Why not come check it out? And say happy Birthday to B at the same time!!


  1. I know what you mean about enjoying the alone time while exercising. I have had a few runs without a pram and all by myself and it is just magical. I love swimming as well, your post makes me want to go and jump in the pool

  2. Good on you Robyn.

    I'm not a fanof swimming for excercise sake, because, as vain as it sounds, I really have redoing my hair and getting dressed and undressed!
    I can see how it would be wonderfully therapeutic for you though, and I'm so glad you are getting some time out, and physical activity is so good for you.

  3. You are a sweetheart - thanks for the birthday wishes!

    What a great post - I love it! I love swimming too and you are so right, getting into the 30-40 laps is the sweet spot. There is nothing like that feeling! Nothing!

    I love running the way you love swimming, that time away from everything with no choice but to just run/swim/walk/etc is fantastic. The empty head time is divine and when I can finally think clearly and pray and work out stuff. Love it.

    Thanks for linking in, you are so Team Friday!

  4. I love the water but am such a cold frog it has to be such a hot day (unless its heated!) and like Jess, the whole undressing & redressing thing bugs me. Just another excuse from me though!!

    Glad you get this peace in your day x


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