Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Today, you were pretty great.

My morning began at around 5am when the baby boy in the cradle beside me started making 'feed me' noises. I brought him to bed with me and fed him, and then he lay between Shane and I and chattered to himself while I pretended to go back to sleep and eventually dozed off.

Shane's alarm went off beside me and he got up and had breakfast. He woke me because he needed a lift this morning since his vehicle was at work. As I woke up slowly while he had a shower I heard Georgie calling out "Mummy! Daddy!" so I left a thumb-sucking Charlie on the bed and went in to her. She was fuzzy and warm and I got a lovely just-awake cuddle.

We got into the car, and then Shane dashed back inside and got me one of his beanies to wear because my hair was doing all kinds of crazy. We drove to Shane's work (stopping to pick up a couple of coffees in the drive-through on the way) and then the kids and I went home to have breakfast. Georgie and I had our toast while Charlie talked to us from the bouncer, and then she played in the lounge room while he had a feed and went down for a morning nap. I had a shower with a little girl sitting on the bottom of the bath, and she had a splash around in the tub while I got myself dressed and ready for the day.

We hung a load of washing out, and then the two tiny people went into the pram and we walked downtown past all the shops, stopping occasionally to give Georgie another biscuit, until we finally reached the park. Charlie watched while his sister played, climbing and sliding and bouncing. Eventually we started back for home, stopping briefly to chat to another Mummy friend we met. Georgie started to fall asleep in the pram, so I got her out and she walked alongside very s-l-o-w-l-y. We finally made it home, and I made a frittata for lunch (grated potato, cheese, onion and zucchini, yum!) while Georgie sat in her highchair with some salad and Charlie tried hard to move on the floor.

Shane came home and Georgie went down for her nap, and we ate lunch and Charlie had a feed. Shane went back to work and Charlie went down for a nap and I wasted a bit of time on the internet and wrote a blog post. I did a bit of housework, and then Georgie woke up. We went outside and hung out more washing, and then we made some biscuits. I took Charlie over to Grandma's for a little visit when Daddy came home, and Shane, Georgie and I went for a bike ride.

I picked up Charlie, and then, while it started to get cool, the tiny people had a bath and got into their snuggly pajamas. We had some dinner, Georgie brushed her teeth and we read some Hairy MaClary from Donaldson's Dairy before bed. Charlie stayed up for a while, but he was so happy it was okay. Eventually, Charles went to sleep, and then Shane and I chatted, while he sat with his laptop busily and I did the last straighten-the-house before bed.

It was a good day.

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