Tuesday, May 15, 2012

22 and 4

It's been a while since I've done an update on the kids, and I like to keep this little blog of mine as a record of memories as well as a platform in which to air my thoughts, so I thought I'd write a bit about where the kids are lately.

Miss Georgina is just over 22 months old now, and she is pretty great. She is amazingly cheeky, and her grin can be a bit disarming! She is so beautiful, and (finally!) has enough hair for me to put in a clip, however in the world of Georgie, the worst possible thing that can happen is to have a clip in your hair, so she doesn't wear them often. Occasionally I will manage to sneak one onto her head, but as soon as she notices it, off it comes!

She isn't a particularly chatty little girl. She doesn't talk a great deal, but she manages to communicate pretty effectively without words! She does have language skills though, and is starting to say more and more. She talks more when she is at home with family, and stays pretty quiet when we are out. But (as always), she is taking her sweet time, and I'm pretty sure she will start talking more when she feels the need to- and when she does talk properly, I'm sure there won't be quiet again! We decided to shelve the toilet training for now. Neither of us were really ready for it. I think I'll try again later when I feel she's ready.

She is one of the busiest little people ever, and is constantly doing. But we are getting to the stage where I can occasionally channel her busyness into doing something useful or fun, without tantrums and tears, because her capabilities are just growing in leaps and bounds. She is so independent and smart, and I just loves her to bits!

The boy is a little over 4 months, and he just makes my world... wonderful.

He is a beautiful chubby delicious ball of good-tempered, smiley wonderful boy and oh, I love him hard! He is such a dude, and is growing so much! Part of me cannot believe that he is four months already, and the other part can't believe that it has only been four months. It feels like he has been in my life for so much longer. I seem to have trouble remembering life without him. He is a bit of a Mummies boy, which makes it hard for Shane sometimes- especially when Charlie won't even let Shane hold him! But I kind of figure it will only last a little while. By the time he is a toddler he will be trying to follow his Daddy around everywhere- so I may as well enjoy being the center of his Universe before it stops.

He is so strong and is already rolling around. He has also had a couple of attempts at commando crawling and I wouldn't be surprised if he is moving properly in the next couple of months. He just seems so eager to be upright and moving!

I'm planning on starting him on some rice cereal sometime this week, because he's already showing interest in food, plus he is not sleeping through the night as well as he once was.... fingers crossed that will help!

Today I also discovered that he has cut his first tooth! He has been a drooling teething boy for a while now, and I've been able to feel some big lumps recently, and then tonight he grabbed my hand and was sucking on my finger when I realised that one of his bottom teeth has cut through!

He is so cool.

How I love them.


  1. Robyn, they are both so beautiful! Charlie is growing so much, & he looks like such a boy! A gorgeous boy! I would love it if you'd visit my blog occasionally too :-) feedback most welcome

  2. I loved this update! They are so precious, and you are such a wonderful mummy. Good on all of you xx

  3. Beautiful! Loved reading your update and your overflowing love for them is so obvious!


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