Saturday, April 7, 2012

March in Photos

Once again I participated in Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge. I've been a bit late in getting my photos up as the kids are sick. But the good news is- Daddy's coming home tomorrow! March wasn't quite as exciting as February, but I still love looking at the photos. It makes me remember each day much more vividly!

Day 1: Up. My view when I wake up.

Day 2: Fruit. Had a day. These guys got us through.

Day 3: Your Neighborhood. Going home after a walk.

Day 4: Bedside. My bedside table.

Day 5: A smile. Cheeky smile. She always seems to make friends with it!

Day 6: 5pm. At the dentist. Didn't need any fillings- hooray!

Day 7: Something you wore.

Day 8: Window

Day 9: Red. We spotted this red something on our walk.

Day 10: Loud. We had a day that was the opposite of loud.

Day 11: Someone you talked to today. My Mummy.

Day 12: Fork. Little Miss is mastering her baby fork.

Day 13: A sign. Two very grumpy children. I took it as a sign we needed a big nap!

Day 14: Clouds.

Day 15: Car.

Day 16: Sunglasses.

Day 17: Green.With his Aunty Lizzie.

Day 18: A corner of your home. A corner of the little girl's bedroom.

Day 19: Funny. A text from my sister regarding a game of Draw something.

Day 20: Before /After. Some seriously good cookies.

Day 21: Delicious. Georgie's first Babycino.

Day 22: Kitchen sink. I always have a better day if I do the dishes the night before.

Day 23: Moon. Moon River.

Day 24: An animal. My spoiled dog.

Day 25: Breakfast. Breakfast for dinner is a common occurrence in my house.

Day 26: Key. Where the keys live in our house.

Day 27: Your name. Apparently Robyn is a Swedish popstar. Who knew?

Day 28: Trash. Taking the rubbish out late at night.

Day 29: Feet. Happy feet of a feeding baby.

Day 30: Toy. SO wish I could just ignore this and go to bed.

Day 31: Where you relax. My happy place.

All of my photos were taken on my Iphone and shared on Instagram.My handle over there is slightly_deep. There's a new challenge for April, and it's lots of fun! Why not come join in?

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  1. Loved your pics and taking a peek into your world. You're right - it is a good way to remember each day. Might have to pull my finger out and join in some time.


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