Saturday, January 29, 2011

Riding with Grandpa

The other day Shane's Dad took Georgie on the four-wheeler. He was so proud of himself! He was very careful, but it is not an experience I will care to repeat! The whole time I was thinking "That's my baby!" Poppy is already trying to teach her "Bike! Bike!" I'm not sure how I'll deal with it when she is bigger and does want to go for a ride. They are just not very safe.... but I'll just deal with that when it happens.

This one I love! She was on for a couple of minutes and then decided she wanted off, Now! ( I'm hoping that continues)

In other news. I am very flat lately. Shane has been working too much and we are a bit lonely. Georgie is sitting up all the time now and she hardly ever falls over now! She is also so close to crawling. It's so cute! At the moment, she's doing  little caterpillar belly flops, she gets up on all fours and then flops herself forward to get where she wants to go. We are also swimming an awful lot because it's so darn hot here!  I will have to put some new pictures up sometime soon of how big she's getting and what we're up to- but that will happen eventually.

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