Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Women

Today after church, Mum and my sisters came over for coffee after church. Oh how I love my family! It is very nice being so close to them.

We were talking and I got lots of helpful advice on getting Georgie to sleep, because at the moment it's just not happening very well. She cries herself to sleep a lot, or else feeds herself to sleep... and I really don't like either of those options! When she cries she gets so angry! Georgie, I'm so sorry, but I think you have inherited your Mother's bad temper. You just get so angry at me whenever I put you in the cot! You don't like to miss anything. And I don't really like her feeding herself to sleep... it's not a great habit to get into!

Anyway, the other day I watched the movie Little Women. I quite like that movie, it's a childhood memory one. And my family reminds me so much of that family. I am the youngest of four girls, and to me, we have just always just fit those parts. (Even though, I know Lizzie- Beth dies! I don't mean that part!)

But anyway, I'll introduce you to us:

Jenny is Meg. She is my oldest sister and is ten years older than me. When she was a teenager she had a bit of trouble with her friends. Drinking champagne and dressing up to please her friends? So Jenny! Twisting her ankle in shoes that are too small? So Jenny! Having a meltdown when the dinner didn't work and crying "I'm going to Marmee's!"? So Jenny! She became a nurse, and then she settled down with her husband Ross (who is perfect for her... although maybe not so much like Mr Brooke) and was the first to have children. She lives about five houses down the road from us. Jenny is so wonderful. I think the Jenny-Meg character fits the most.

Cathy is a bit of a Jo. She is seven years older than me. Cathy is much more practical like Jo, although I don't think she's quite as dramatic as Jo. Cathy was also very much a tomboy when she was younger, and is the one most likely to go off by herself. She is a teacher and taught out west before coming home. Cathy also traveled to England for a year. Although there is no Teddy in Cathy's story......... I can't really picture Cathy and Shane ever having a romantic interest! But we are still waiting for Cathy's Fredrick! I really hope and pray he comes soon, because Cathy is going to be a fantastic mother- she would love to have a houseful of boys like Jo!

Lizzie (ElizaBETH) is the next sister. She is five years older than me. Lizzie probably fits the least. She does play piano, and was probably the quietest of us all growing up. She was also sick a lot when she was little, and was very much Mummy's girl. But that's where the similarities end. Lizzie has much more personality than Beth! And (Thank Goodness!) she did not die! Lizzie works at a legal firm, and is married to Nathaniel, and just recently bought Grandma's house so is now living next door to us!

And lastly, me. I wouldn't really say I am much of an Amy now.... but I definitely was an Amy when I was younger. I'm sure I would have put a peg on my nose if I had hated it! And burning Cathy's books is something I totally would have done! I was very much the horrible youngest child! I was a terribly silly drama queen (still am a bit). But I don't think I grew up to be quite so sophisticated as Amy. I am also not artistic at all! Plus, while Shane can be a bit of a drama queen like Laurie was- I don't think Shane is really too much of a Laurie. (I never really liked Laurie that much- Fredrick was much better!)

Mum is a bit of a Marmee (I always hated that name- Marmee!) we love her so much. But I think Mum is better than Marmee. She was also probably not so calm and serene as Marmee- but much more fun! Mum lost her temper with me many times and I forget how many wooden spoons she broke over bottoms.... but she was the best mother.

I am so grateful for my family! Sometimes it was painful having so may sisters, being the youngest meant I had three extra mothers. But I wouldn't trade my childhood or my family for any others. We were (and still are) so awesome.

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