Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays: An Introduction

I've decided to start doing something a bit different. Every week, I'm going to try to cook something new.

I've been in the doldrums a little with food lately. Just a bit over it. I know morning sickness probably hasn't been helping too much. But now I'm feeling better and I want to give myself a little motivation and inspiration.

So I'm going to try to cook something different and sharing it here on Tuesdays. It might not be fancy-pants-gourmet food. I can't really see this becoming a foodie blog.  But it will be something different to the usual meat and three veg, spaghetti bolognaise or basic chicken stir-fry, all of which seem to make a regular appearance on our dinner table. I'm also not just limiting myself to dinner, I might try making an interesting dessert, or something for morning tea. But I just feel like my cooking needs a bit of a shake-up at the moment.

I'm hardly a master chef. But I can cook. I am not a terribly precise cook. I rarely measure things. I tend to be more of a do-it-as-you-go cook. My sister Jenny doesn't get my cooking at all, she is a precise cook and watches me in disbelief and horror sometimes. So I will post recipes and photos, but many times my recipes may include a pinch of this or a splash of that, so you'll just have to bear with me if you give my recipes a go (and probably just look the the other way of you are a precise cook!) The recipes won't be fancy. I rarely use cream, I tend to just use the types of ingredients I have in the house most of the time, unless it's a special occasion. I also don't have a Thermomix or a Kitchenaid. (sob!) I do have a Food Processor, but still haven't quite figured that one out, most of my recipes will be quite basic, so don't expect to see any of this kind of thing!

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It's funny. If I actually had to describe my cooking I'd say I'm a lucky cook. I have made some spectacular things in my time, I went through a cupcake craze, and once had a go at making my first ever sponge cake for my Grandma's birthday. The cake turned out really well, (surprisingly!) but I learned a very important lesson about turning egg-beaters off at the power socket before you fiddle with beaters. My poor hands got a bit twisted and sore, but I managed to do no lasting damage! Luckily, most of my flops seem to be reserved for the family dinner table. But fortunately for me Shane is not very picky, and will try most things. He's honest, and will tell me if he doesn't like something. But he will try it.

I was actually going to take photos and share the recipe of something different I cooked last night. But thanks to Ergon and their power supply stuff ups, I ended up going over to Mum's and cooking dinner yesterday afternoon, so I didn't get any photos. But I will begin next week!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do! I cook for a chef; it's terrible and I all but gave up this week when he came in, looked into the pot, and proceeded to heat up leftovers that *he* cooked the night before. Wife fail!

  2. Oh boy, if Shane did that he would have gotten another spoon to the face! :)


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