Friday, June 26, 2015

So, tonight I had two showers.

Every night, just before I go to bed, at around 10:30pm or so, I take Charlie to the toilet to do a wee so he doesn't wet the bed. Usually I just pick him up, take him to the toilet, help him pull his pants down, and then kneel on the floor next to him, to point him in the right direction, since he's usually half asleep.

Tonight, as usual, I had a shower and was just about to go to bed, so I picked chuck up and took him to the toilet. I had just knelt in front of him to turn him around to point at the toilet, when I felt a warm steady stream of liquid on my stomach, I looked down at my shirt in shock and realised that my son, half asleep, was peeing on me! I immediately said "Charlie! Charlie! Stop! Stop!" Charlie stopped, mid-stream, opened his eyes sleepily and stared at me for half a second, and then proceeded to start to wee again, all over me! It was completely disgusting of course, but it just struck me as the funniest thing, and I got a terrible case of the giggles as I tried to get him to stop again. Eventually he finished, and pulled his pants back up dazedly. Then he trotted off back to bed, still mostly asleep. 

I really, really do love being a parent. I would laugh so much less if Charlie wasn't in my life.

(Also, I have an excellent story for his twenty first!)

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