Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy times

I feel like right now, as a family we have got such a nice little groove going on. I'm not saying we are perfect. Sure, the folding is still not done, and two minutes ago I did just get a bit shouty because a little boy thumped his sister. But we seem to be enjoying being together. And I know there are seasons, and sometimes you love your family and like the little unit you are, and other times the loved ones in your life just drive you mad. But right now, I do like my people.

This morning for example. It was freezing cold, and yet of course, as soon as Charlie boy is able, off he goes marching into the backyard to conquer the great unknown. 10 minutes later he is rushing inside telling me all about a beetle! That was on his wood! And he tried to squish it, but then it went away!

So important.

And earlier, as I was getting ready to have a shower I was interrupted by my Georgie girl, who just had to tell me (again) about Nurse Debbie who visited the kindy yesterday and taught them all about how to blow your nose properly, "and you should never cough on people, you need to cough like this mummy," she states, demonstrating for me.

Lately we have been trying to make a dedicated effort intoto making sure we eat dinner together at the table. I must admit, for far too long we used to feed the kids, then eat once they'd gone to bed, because it was just not terribly relaxing eating with them, you know? But now, eating together, (while still, not super relaxing) has just become so much easier. While we sit around the table, we often share about what the best part of our day was. And it gives me such a good insight into my tiny people. I'm discovering more and more, that the best bits aren't the exciting bits, or the interesting bits, but often they are just those simple bits, when you look at your family and your life, and your cup just runneth over, you know?

My cup is overflowing. 

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