Thursday, July 2, 2015

A very long birthday

Recently, it was my girls birthday. It's been five years since Miss Georgina arrived into the world and made me a parent. It's kind of unbelievable, because it feels like it has been such a short time, and yet I'm quite sure I have never been without her.

The birthday celebrations lasted 3 days! I am well and truly birthday-ed out. We had her birthday a little early because Shane had to be away on her actual birthday, so that night we had cake with family, then we had a party at the park with her friends, which I found rather stressful, but the birthday girl enjoyed. Her real birthday was on the third day, and we didn't have too much more going on then, but somehow she got lots of presents on each day, so I am looking forward to having a bit of a madam for the next few days while she comes back to earth with a bump. 

But oh, I do love her. I would put up with much of the madam because she is still my baby Georgie. She is five going on fifteen, and she is the biggest diva and princess in the world, but I adore her. It is all about the pretty things, and the fancy clothes, and the makeup. In fact I think her very favourite present was a two dollar makeup set from the reject shop. Oh, and it is all about frozen (still). We got her a couple of frozen dolls for her birthday, and I made the epic mistake of buying an Elsa doll that has a button in her stomach, which, when pressed, sings "let it go, let it goooo!" And only that. I have been letting it go though, trust me. However I am not promising that a certain doll may not get 'hidden' every once in a while for a few hours in the near future when I just can't stand it anymore. I especially love it when she rolls over in her sleep and we all wake up at 4am to that well-known dulcet tune. Makes for such a happy household.  Her face when she opened it was priceless though. I do so love it as a mother when I nail presents. I'd much rather buy one really great thing that they adore than shower my kids with gifts they don't really care about.

I made two cakes, one for the family party and one for the friend party, and I feel it is a ridiculous number of cakes for a little girl who doesn't eat sugar. But she did get her pastry and cream stack. Next year the celebrations might need to be a bit more low-key, I am most definitely planning a couple of quieter days now. But oh, she's worth it.

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