Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What makes a human?

I am scared. We are fostering a culture that is putting less and less value on human life. We live in a society where we have elevated materialistic goals above the inconvenience of human life, in the form a baby. We love babies, but sometimes we also resent them and seek to control them, and we will destroy them if they infringe upon our lifestyle.

I read an article on Mamamia on the weekend, This is what it's like to have a medical abortion. I felt sick. Then I read this one. And this one too.

How did we get here? Do we know where we are? Where else are we headed?

Honestly I don't see the difference between aborting a baby and putting a bullet through a person's head. I don't.

If I decided I didn't want to be a mother and calmly walked into my children's room and smothered them... I would be a murderer. Society would judge me, and look down upon me, and throw me in prison. But if I got pregnant, and decided that I didn't want to be a mother, and got an abortion... it's okay?

I'm sorry I just don't get it.

After-birth abortion

What is the difference, between getting pregnant and aborting the baby because it's not the right time, and killing your children, because you've decided it would be easier not to look after them?

I don't understand. I just don't, and really, I don't think I want to. I just want it to stop.

I guess, to some extent I do get it. I was a teenager, young and thoughtless and in love. I didn't do what I was supposed to do, although we tried hard to stay pure. I often used to run scenarios in my head. If I get pregnant, will this happen? And this? Will I do this? Will he do this? Will they think that? It is a terrifying place to be. However abortion was never one of the things I could contemplate.

But honestly, regardless of your opinion on religion or God, regardless of whether or not you think that I am religious headcase....  has this really become okay? Or do we fail to realise what is going on here? Do you know where we are headed? Do you know what is currently happening?

At the moment, Florida legislators are debating a bill that would require abortionists to provide medical care to babies that survive abortions. The fact that they are even debating... does my head in. It's an issue here in Australia too.

An estimated 80,000 - 90,000 abortions are performed in Australia each year. This equates to approximately 250 per day, or one abortion for every 2.8 live births. One in three Australian women will have an abortion in their lifetime. [source]

Abortion is legal until 24 weeks in Victoria. Legal post 24 weeks with two doctors’ approval.

And do you remember this article that came out last year?

I struggle to comprehend the reasoning of those who are currently making legislation. Because really, if abortion is legal, then why not 'post-birth-abortion'? If it's a question of a child feeling pain, why not just use anesthetic? Or maybe it's okay to 'euthanize' a child with Congenital insensitivity to pain (CIPA), after all they won't feel it? If you don't want a child, does that child not have a right to life? The problem is, the line in the sand was crossed so long ago, and they keep trying to draw a new one, but their logic is faulty.

I cannot believe that we live in a society, where people are desperate to have children, and can't. So they try to adopt, or use IVF and they have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to do so. Sometimes they can't afford to do so. Yet there are plenty of children that could be adopted into stable, loving homes.... only we choose to kill them before they are born. We have a government and a system, that makes it so much harder for adoption to occur, and so the abortion rate continues to rise, and children are the ones who continue to suffer.

I am terrified of the world I am helping create for my children. I am terrified that by the time her turn comes around, my daughter and her friends might be able to legally choose the option of infanticide. That maybe eventually in Western society one day a a mother will legally be able to sell her children to the highest pedophiliac bidder (why not, they are her children to dispose of as she wishes?). It already happens in the world, what makes us think it won't happen here? I am terrified of the society we are creating.

I can't even...

I'm not trying to place blame here. This post is not intended throw guilt on anyone who has had an abortion. I'm not trying to paint all women who get abortions as horrible murderers. I don't think they are. What's done cannot be undone and I'm not interested in hurting people. I'm also not trying my hand at scaremongering. But I do think that far too often, this issue is swept under the carpet. Or presented to the world in a sanitised, child-friendly form. Which is rubbish. There is nothing that is okay about this.

I am trying to get people to think, about the decisions they are making. I think we need to be held accountable for our decisions and our actions a lot more. Ultimately I believe we will be. I am trying to think, about the world we are creating, and the choices we are making. And if my words can help one woman make the choice not to abort her baby, or make someone with the power to make decisions pause for thought, then they are worth it.


  1. Those statistics are very scary, but I am of an opposing view to you. I think it is kinder to not bring a child into a world where they can not be loved and nurtured. I will also be pro choice.

    1. The problem is, there are plenty of people to love and nurture those children, only the system is broken in such a way that is is very very difficult for them to be able to.

  2. Fantastic article. Thanks so much for writing about something that many people are afraid to speak out about in today's society. The images of the baby being aborted is something I have never seen before. So sad. I don't think most women see it as murder, and yes it is a strong word but that it what it is. I language surrounding abortion has been toned down and detached from emotion. I read those stories published on Mamamia and feel so gutted by the story of the woman who had an abortion because of a lifestyle choice. Is it really worth killing your unborn baby so you can travel and get a promotion? I don't have much sympathy in this case. I can understand why people abort when there are medical reasons but even then I know a number of people who were told their babies were going to be born with Down Syndrome and severe learning difficulties and each one of those babies have turned out to be perfect. Imagine if they had decided to abort? Lives are being wasted. Thanks again for the post. Sorry this is such a long comment!!

    1. I agree! I also happen to believe that aborting a baby with Downs syndrome, is wrong too. I don't think that just because a person has downs syndrome, or learning difficulties that makes them any less 'worthy' of life.

  3. Sex is your choice, not your little kid's death.

  4. Wow, I could hardly look at the photo! It really does put it into perspective about what happens during an abortion. I agree with you, there are so many loving parents desperate for a child but can't afford to do IVF or adoption and live their life knowing that people are just ripping children out of themselves. It's hard to comprehend how selfish we have become as a society, only looking out for ourselves and how people perceive us. I don't think abortion is right in any circumstances, even in the grey zone of rape. My grandmother's was a product of rape and if her mother had of aborted her I wouldn't be here today, and she wouldn't have been the massive impact on her community as she was. Each life is precious and all children are perfect, whether they be your timing or God's. Thanks for sharing and I really loved the song.
    Jumping over from Jess' IBOT
    Kate @ Redemption in Progress (www.katie-ellen26.blogspot.com.au)

  5. I am definitely pro-choice. I don't agree with abortion as an alternative to contraception, but I do believe that the world is a better place being with each person having the right to their own decision. You can certainly not make judgement without knowing every individual case, and even then we should never judge someone elses choice. That is my opinion.

  6. I love that you have decided to share your thoughts on this topic. I think it is something that needs to be discussed a lot more. I am in the pro-choice camp, though if I got to write the rules as such there would be all kinds of conditions, restrictions and requirements in place. It is not just something you do to fix an accident or mistake.

    In an ideal world we would be able to easily pair up those who want kids with those who actually get them.

  7. I really couldn't look at that Abortion at 23 weeks graph.
    Abortion is definitely a personal choice. Not to say that I agree with it. But you look at cases of young girls who were raped or in Ireland's situation where young girls with unwanted pregnancies have nowhere to go to seek medical help.
    I also don't think it's as black and white as "If you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex"
    And yet, it shouldn't be as easy as a decision as "It's just inconvenient" either.

  8. That diagram is shocking and sad, so the statistics. You are a brave woman taking on such a subject, thanks for bringing it into the light.

  9. Very brave post Robyn, and good on you for sharing it. I'm with you of course; you don't have to convince me :)

  10. Thanks for this Robyn. I of course, agree. Seeing that image of the mother drowning the baby really brings it home.

  11. You have a very strong opinion on this but I am for pro choice. There are many reasons for and against. You make a very good argument, but I cannot see things so black and white. As some of the comments have pointed out there are situations such as rape or even just the point of bringing an unwanted child into the world. I would rather they did not come in to the world than to be exposed to brutality that some poor children have endured.

  12. I'm with you Robyn, this actually sums up my thoughts pretty much EXACTLY!! How would people feel if they had been aborted?!


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