Sunday, May 19, 2013

Searching for the joy

I haven't written much in a while. Partly because I've been playing around with my music a lot more. But also, probably because I haven't felt... interesting enough to share.

I'm guessing it's probably not uncommon.

Sometimes it's easy to start believing the lies. You are not important enough, not good looking enough, not interesting enough. You end up second guessing yourself, and hiding, and retreating more and more, because you're convinced you've got nothing worthwhile to share. Everything comes out wrong, and you're not really sure what to do about it. You wonder, what exactly am I playing at here? You go through the motions, but maybe the joy just gets a little harder to find.

So I'm still here. I'm just not exactly sure what I'm doing at the moment. I have words, but I can't quite figure out how to say them, or what exactly I am trying to say. Sorry about that. I'm planning to write some words down eventually. But right now I am going to try to concentrate on the little, insignificant, but oh-so-important, pieces of joy.


  1. Wow Robyn. This is similar thoughts to what I am having at the moment! I posted something a bit similar about my blogging life at around this same time yesterday!

    Kids take so much out of us, and sometimes there is really nothing left. Hope you find the joy again... in Christ, who never changes.

    1. I thought that when I read your post Julie. :) You are right, hope you find your joy too xxx

  2. Hi Robyn. Some days it is hard and when the number of comments drop off it gets disheartening.
    I am following BLog every day in May prompts and it has made me think a lot and given me ideas.
    I agree with Julie. Hang in there . Blessing to you.

    1. Thanks Trish. I've been enjoying your blogging ever day in May :)

  3. I'm taking a "slow down" blogging approach at the moment. I'm trying to blog every week if I can, but if I can't, then I'm not beating myself up about it. If it becomes a chore, then maybe take a break. Or think about why you got into it in the first place, and see if you can write for you again.

  4. Oh Robyn! You are INSIDE my head! I have quite literally had these same words racing through MY head!

    Oh boy, I have no advice. I think that by finding joy in the small things is a great way to be.

    I have realised that I am actually a terrible friend to MYSELF. Terrible. If a friend treated me the way I treat myself I would be appalled! I have got to start loving the things I do and the things I love doing and loving ME for that. If we can all just be doing what we love and give something back, then the world would be put to rights.

    You are doing a good thing. It is sharing the everyday struggles that helps others.

  5. I think focusing on those pieces of joy is really the best thing you can do! I'm just starting a 30 day grateful project where I take a little video on my iphone each day of something I'm grateful for and then make it into a big video at the end. So hopefully that will help me to focus on those little pieces of joy also!!

    I hope you find the right words to say soon!


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