Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little snippets of loveliness

A warm body to cozy up to when I curl up in bed at night. Heaters. Going to bed with a clean kitchen. The regular nightly dose of cod liver oil to help ward off winter ills, and Georgie's accompanying "Yuck!" A silent house in the middle of the night.

Charlie and his "Oh-iee! Oh-iee!" which can be interpreted as Chloe (and pretty much whatever else you like). Good coffee and my Mum.... I will never sufficiently thank God for the parents he blessed me with. [Please, please let Georgie say that one day].

Red lips. Creeping into my babies room to cover them up in the dead of night. Wood fires. Pretty hats, and scarves, and necklaces and shoes. Glorying in all the ironing being done (just ignore the baskets of folding sitting by the bed). Porridge, homemade chicken stock, and beef and red wine stew.

Having a winning-at-this-parenting-gig moment, when you realise your children just sat and ate one carrot, one cucumber, and one capsicum between them, as you gave them veggie sticks to snack on while you went for your afternoon walk. A humidifier, bubbling and chugging away, helping babies sleep. Babies that do sleep.

Music, which makes everything better. The soft glow of winter sun in the afternoon. Rain on a cold afternoon when we can stay home and potter, and don't have to do anything.  Being married to a guy who is pretty easy on the eyes, and who is a good Dad.



  1. This is beautiful. Such simple, but deep, joys.

  2. Wonderful reminder to be thankful for the little things :)

  3. Lovely, Robyn. That feeling of winning-at-parenting is good ... I haven't felt it for a while myself, but your post reminds me that it does return. It always returns eventually.


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