Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rules of Charlie

1. Never, ever shut a door, when you are on one side and he is on the other. Charlie must not miss out on anything. It is akin to chopping off his arm.

2. Any food he has, is his. Any food you have, is his. Any food his sister has, is his. Basically all food belongs to Charlie. Except zucchini's, which are of the devil.

3. At all times, keep your hair away from his reach, unless you wish to have it torn from your head.

4. If you put something he had, but shouldn't have, up just out of reach, you have just made it his most prized possession and he will perform death-defying feats to get it back. Either that or wail inconsolably near it.

5. Use lots of affirmation. Charlie is a people pleaser.

6. Following on from number 5, when disciplining him, make sure you try to follow it up with something positive, otherwise he may dissolve. (No guarantees though, he might dissolve just because he got into trouble anyway)

7. He has teeth, and knows how to use them. You have been warned.

8. When in doubt, offer a banana. (also works on monkeys).

9. A broom or a mop is his most favorite toy ever. But make sure to stay clear when he is playing with one, as a broom to the face, re-he-heally hurts!

10. If it runs on a motor, it is awesome.

11. Daddy is the best person in the world. Mummy is the best person for hugs. Georgie is the best person to annoy.

12. Puppies are so cool!

13. When he is tired, he throws things everything.

14. When he is tired, he must go to bed immediately, otherwise he is unbearable. If his cot is unavailable, prepare for battle.

15. Juice = Most amazing substance in the world. There is never enough juice.

16. This boy was built for affection. Cuddles, tickles, squeezes, kisses... you just can't go wrong with them.

17. If he hurts himself, and you are near him, it's your fault. If he hurts himself and you're not near him, it's your fault.

18. If it's within his reach, it's fair game.

19. If you are paying attention to anything other than him, that is not okay, and he will let you know (loudly).

20. He may be an adventurous, whinging little emperor. But when he's not destroying something or wailing, he's pretty great.


  1. ha ha! some of these made me laugh and some made me "awww". Reminds me of a sign in my son's room that my sister bought him. "If I like it, it's MINE, if it's in my hand, it's MINE, if it looks like mine, it's MINE, if I think it's mine, it's MINE, Everything else is MINE too!" ha ha. -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  2. Love this - great idea! Emily

  3. I think I like Charlie almost enough to wish I had another of my own. Then I remember just how much hard work negotiating life with a toddler or 2 really is. I am pretty sure my 2 are about to enter their second stage of toddler-hood, what most people call teen angst.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    1. I think I would prefer toddlers to teenagers! :)

  4. I can so relate to all of this. So funny. Charlie looks like a happy little chap and is so adorable wana squeeze his cheeks.

  5. Oh this is so cute!! I love the 'always offer a banana' - it totally works on my little monkey too!

  6. He is so cute! I can so relate to this! :)

  7. He sounds adorable, and very much like a normal toddler!

  8. Oh Charlie!! You're getting so big and growing up too fast! What a gorgeous little man you are becoming


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