Tuesday, April 9, 2013

33 and 15

Lately, this little ole' blog has been a bit of a me me me show. So I thought I'd catch up on where the kids are at the moment.

My Georgie, she is getting so big! She is 33 months old now, nearly 3 years! She loves 'dressing up' and when we go out anywhere, she has to have her sunglasses and her 'pretty necklace.' She is such a girl, and I love it.


She is such a helper too, and she is just so funny. Little things she does, like for instance, when I tell her that when playschool is finished she needs to turn the T.V off... she will go and turn the television off when her program finishes, and the come to me crying her eyes out "More T.V Mummy?" and yet she still does what she is told! It is so sweet, and I smile a secret smile nearly every time she does it.


Sometimes she and her brother fight so much! They just scratch and pinch, and pull hair, and bite, and wrestle, until I am about ready to scream! I don't know how many times I have uttered the phrase "Stop fighting!" And I'm sure I will say it a few hundred thousand more times yet. Mostly though, they are pretty good friends. I love watching them be siblings, it makes my heart happy.

I have put the two of them into the same room to sleep, and it has gone really well. It surprised me, because I wasn't necessarily anticipating it to be good, especially because Georgie doesn't always sleep very well. But I think that because Charlie is such a deep sleeper it has been okay. Georgie actually seems to be sleeping better now that she has company in her room!

Oh, my boy. I love this kid to bits! He is at such a delightful age. 15 months is full on.  Discovering and learning and growing all the time. He is getting so big! He is strong and fearless and he only stops to eat and sleep. I often think an adequate description of Charlie is 'adventure on legs.' He is starting to talk so much, and loves his 'Dad-dad-dad, Mum-mum-mum,' and 'pup-pup-puppy!' he is amazingly eloquent, despite his lack of words. He can express himself beautifully, and he hides nothing. With Charlie, you know exactly how he is feeling. I hope I can always read him so well.

 I am really glad I get to be Mum.


  1. I'm really glad I get to be a mum too :)
    Love the pictures - beautiful!
    I have an almost 2 &1/2 yr old that makes me laugh so so much and a 7 yr old. They go from moments that melt your heart as they love each other and are so sisterly to all out fighting war! So I too am caught saying stop fighting alot too ;D

  2. I wish just thinking the same thing tonight, I am so lucky to be Mum to my little girls, except when they fight over stuff or with each other, then I am just counting the hours for that next cup of tea or bedtime!

  3. I do love those photos of Porge. Captures her perfectly :)

  4. What a beautiful post. I think we all think we are lucky to be mums to our kids and then sometimes not lol.

  5. Love photos of your children. Glad the room sharing is working for you - I have heard some horror stories about sibling sharing a room.
    Have a great day !
    #IBOT visitor

  6. Yes mine have lots of fights but I know it won't be forever! I HOPE!!! They sure do grow fast, mine loves looking all pretty also - x

  7. I tried the shared room with a 6, 4 and 2 year old.. that didn't last long! Love little big helpers. Your children are gorgeous!

  8. Your kids are so gorgeous Robyn! I can't believe Charlie is 15 months already! That went so quick


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