Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mama needs to get more organised

This morning started with an unexpected knock at the door. Turns out that in my wisdom, I had booked the pest man to come and spray our house. Which would have been great, if only I'd remembered that I'd booked the pest man to come spray our house.

Having someone arrive on your doorstep, ready to go through your house when you are in your pajamas and are in the middle of making muffins for playgroup, the dishes are not washed, the floor is covered in toys, and the house smells like *somebody has just soiled themselves, is akin to having about 5 shots of coffee.

I ever so politely and calmly asked him to do the yard first, and then moved faster than I would have thought possible. Roughly half an hour later, with two shaken children and my house looking like something sad and terrible had been poorly concealed, we collapsed in a heap at playgroup.

And the moral of this story is I **may need to get a bit more organised.

So, how was your morning?

*not me, of course
**and by may I mean most definitely


  1. Oh this is the story of my life!

  2. Ha! Oh I can soo see this happening Robyn!

    I'm sure the late night last night didn't help much - Sorry.

  3. Yep, this sort of things happens around here often! Surprisingly I was actually fairly organised and on time to meet Kelly HTandT and her kids for a playdate so I was cheering. And then I got home and realised that I had forgotten to turn the dishwasher on liked I planned before I left!

  4. Oh I'm just useless like that, worse is it's usually in my calendar but I dismiss the reminder and forget again!

    1. Yeah- a calendar is a waste of time for me!

  5. Nothing worse than a situation like that to get you moving! Glad you were able to salvage the situation!

  6. Ha ha! That's hilarious!
    I think we have all done something like this before! :)

  7. Oh yes. I had a friend of my wife turn up unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago to drop off baby clothes. It was midday. I was still in my PJ's. Awkward!

  8. You know what? When one is so tired, living from moment to moment seems the easiest thing to do. Being organised that far in advance seems an exhausting prospect........writes the woman who is supposed to be organising two birthday parties in 4 weeks exactly!

  9. I'm hearing you! Someone over here needs to get more organised!

  10. Good on you for organising it in the first place! This wouldn't happen to me simply because I'd lose the to-do list. Or the phone number. Or both.


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