Monday, January 21, 2013

just so grateful

I am so glad to be married. My husband is fun, did I ever tell you that? He does the best accents, and he sings Irish tunes, he has the greatest smile, he makes the funniest faces, he has a really good laugh, he is kind, he is passionate, he is a hilarious dancer, he is a thinker, he is an awesome provider, and a hard worker, he makes me laugh almost every day.

Tonight, we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. We ate far too much ah-mazing food, and we talked and talked. As we drove home from the restaurant we sang and joked and laughed. I looked across at him, as he sang an Irish folk song (badly) and I thought 'there isn't anyone in the world I would rather be with than you.' And it was good.

This year it will be ten years since our first date, our first fight, our first drive, our first kiss, and it is seven years since the day we said 'I do'. I am beyond grateful for it all. We have so much history, he is my history.

And I am just so glad that I married this guy.


  1. I love reading posts where people write about how much they admire, appreciate and love their partners. Congratulations!
    Robo x

    p.s. Love the pic!

  2. How awesome is it to grow up together and become adults together! Congrats Robyn. God bless you both

  3. Lovely post! Sounds like you have a keeper. Congratulations on the anniversary x

  4. Congratulations lovely, he sounds just wonderful and you so very blessed. Mr Awesome and I celebrate 10 years since our first date this year as well.


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