Friday, January 25, 2013

Just not cut out to be a crafty mummy...

Before I had kids, I imagined that I was going to be a 'fun Mum'. You know the ones? They are super organised, and are happy to do painting and play-dough and drawing and paper-mache. I thought with all my experience as a childcare worker, it would be easy. I painted, crafted and did numerous activities with 16 children every day, how hard would it be with a couple of my own?

Turns out, for me, it's very hard.

In childcare, it was easy. The supplies were all readily available, the environment was safe and kid-friendly, we had routine, I had another person working with me (so clean up was SO much easier), and most importantly, I had to.

You know how many times Charlie has done paint, or playdough, or anything messy? Once. Today. And honestly, it may be the last time until he goes to kindy.

Watching Georgie splatter paint all over the deck, and rushing around trying to wipe it all off.... racing over to stop Charlie gobbling big globs of (toxic-bad mummy) paint and having him wail at me like I've stolen his favorite toy  (but I love to eat the paint Mummy!) while I wrestle him to wipe his mouth..... trying to stop Georgie from wiping her hands all over the chairs.... trying to wipe paint off the dog, who was stupid enough to be sitting under Georgie's chair and got a paintbrush dropped on her head.... trying to stop paint covered paper blowing all over the deck.....

It is not my idea of a good time, and it leaves me with an eye twitch, and a strong desire for a glass of wine or a block of chocolate.

I am just not naturally a crafty creative person. I don't like paint on my clothes, or on my kids clothes. I don't like paint on my furniture. I don't like having to clean up more than usual. I don't like dried play-dough smooshed into couches. I don't enjoy finding random bits of feathers and pipe cleaners everywhere. I. Just. Don't. Like. It.

Maybe I am just out of practice. Maybe I need to take a bit of a chill pill about the whole paint-and-other-crafty-substances-all-over-my-house thing (and slip one of those pills into Shane's coffee while I'm at it). Maybe it will get easier. Maybe I will buy some non-toxic paint and a few more art supplies. And maybe I will try to do something crafty again sometime in the future.

But not for a very, very long time.

Flogging with Grace today :)


  1. Hi from FYBF!

    Good luck with finding your bubba craft mojo. It's just about sourcing the right tools. Pipsqueak markers come off everything. (I don't allow any other markers to enter my house anymore.)

    And you should check out my post for easy pasting craft for toddlers. This was when my Miss JJ was about 2 years old, and it was about the only thing that kept her entertained by herself at the time. Now she destroys the glue though :(


  2. Thanks for visiting Teapots and Tractors. I'm a little like you a teacher - but I don't like the mess at home. I found that by taking the kids to playgroup they were able to do craft once a week! Maybe that will be a good option for you.

    Have a great long weekend


  3. It took me awhile to get over the mess. It still makes me cringe at times - but my kids are a little bit older, and they love craft, so I've had to get used to it :) I've taken on the mindset of if it can be washed off, it's ok. I usually make sure we do it when I don't have to rush out the door somewhere (so that it can be cleaned up when it's finished, rather than letting it sit there all day).

    Stickers are always good ;)

  4. Yep I find craft rather stressful as well. I am not so good at it and it never turns out like it should. I did feel bad for a while about especially when you see what other blogging mums get up to and then I went meh. I am sure they will survive!

  5. Haha, funny post. I've done craft with my then 10-yr-old niece and it was fine, but introduce her 2-yr-old brother to the mix and it was a disaster! Perhaps you need to be in a particular frame of mind - and a particular corner of the yard or house - for happy craft with young children :)

  6. I was not big on craft with my children. I was more out the back yard in old clothes with water, sand, rocks and mud. Mud pies. You can just hose them off before they come inside.

  7. I totally envy those naturally crafty mums. How they just seem to do it all with a breeze and not worry about the mess is beyond me! I'm slowly learning to worry less about the mess but man, it's a huge learning curve!


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