Monday, January 26, 2015

Around Here

So we are getting ready for Kindy (!) this year. It's kind of weird to know that this is the start of a whole new world for us. We are embarking on a new chapter, one that is going to go on for a really long time. I am a little nervous to be honest. I don't love change. And this particular change is one I have zero control over. I am also scared, because I can't help but worry have I done enough? In the four and a bit years that she has been all mine, have I done all that I can for her? My girl is off to face the world, and she will use what skills I have taught her to do so. I am a bit sad for all the times I have not been the Mummy I wanted to be. But I know that always I will be her Mum and she will be my Georgie girl.

She, of course is so very excited, and eagerly talks about "Being a big girl at kindy with no Mummy and no Charlie!" I hope so much that she has a good time.

The Boy is toilet training and doing really well. We have a few incidents, one really fun (read: challenging) one when we were in at the Doctor's surgery. But mostly he is doing such a great job! Now we just need to work on how much paper goes into the toilet. Mummy nearly cried a few days ago when an almost full roll of toilet paper was flushed down the toilet.... only to back the toilet up, and get fished out. It's certainly not always glamorous, motherhood. But we are learning. It's a little bizarre to realize that I am headed to a place that will have no more nappy changes. But so good too!

I have signed myself up for a boot-camp for the next few weeks. Three sessions a week has been hard going, but I also love it. You know that wonderful pain you get when all the muscles you'd forgotten even existed are hurting every time you move? But I really do enjoy it. Group exercise is what really works for me. I especially love boxing on Wednesday mornings. I am really hoping that once the boot-camp finishes I will be able to keep up with the exercise, because it makes such a difference to my emotional well-being, as well as my physical health.

And... yeah. That's a bit of what is going on at the moment. I am going to try really hard to pick up the threads of blogging again, properly this year. I think writing is good for me, and I do love the memories!

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  1. Good luck as you head into the schooling adventure! I honestly think it's just as big a transition (bigger??) for us parents as it is for our kids. I completely understand that feeling of "have I done enough?". But don't worry, I'm sure both you and she will be fine :-)


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