Monday, August 12, 2013

When life makes you slow down

You know how sometimes you are on that train called life, and things are chugging along quite slowly.... you can see the details on the leaves, and count all the pretty flowers..., and then suddenly the train speeds up, a little faster.... and you think "Oh this a nice change of pace"..... but then all of a sudden the train is going faster and faster, until you can hardly see the scenery outside, and you're a bit worried that the train is almost out of control?

Here at the Casa de slightly deep, we have been doing a bit of that lately. Not a weekend, or a day has gone by that wasn't full of stuff to be done. So this week, when a few of our number were nursing nasty colds and tonsillitis, we probably should have taken the hint that we needed to slow down. Unfortunately we're a little thick. So on Saturday night, Shane and I found ourselves taking turns rushing to the bathroom to kneel in front of the porcelain throne.

It made for a very, long night, and a couple of early morning phone calls, rearranging details for church music on Sunday, and sending an SOS to my Mum and Dad. But, in the afternoon, once the rumbling, grumbling tummies had settled, I noticed just how much we need to slow down.

Shane and I both realized this weekend, that we had forgotten how to stop. So that reminder, although pretty gross, was sorely needed. We are still waiting for the bug to hit the kids, but so far, remarkably, they remain fine. My poor, wonderful, mother has been a casualty though, and she deserves a dozen bunches of flowers for just how good she is to us.

I am going to try to put the brakes on this train a little this week, and make sure I count a few pretty flowers.


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  1. Good old gastro, hey. What a charming experience that is :) Glad you're over it and hope the kids are still unscathed.
    My life slowed remarkably when I stopped work and my days revolved around an infant. And I loved it. Things have sped up a bit lately, as they tend to, which hasn't impressed me one bit. So I've made an effort to slow down again. As you say, the flowers are too lovely to be whizzed past all the time.


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