Friday, January 10, 2014

Finding joy

Every day comes with it's own set of unique challenges and difficulties. But every day also brings at least one little nugget of joy. This year, I want to start hunting the joy more, and I want to record it. My kids really are amazingly hilarious at times, and I want to remember how funny they are.

So. This morning Charlie had a bit of nappy rash owing to the fact that he spent a fair portion of the day yesterday in a wet swim nappy. We had our big blow-up pool set up and the kids had a ball. Charlie has managed to live his two and a bit years on this earth without getting nappy rash very often. So this morning when I was changing his nappy he was crying because it was hurting as I put the cream on. In the midst of his tears he asking "Ice pack!?"  "Ice pack, bottom, mummy?!" It was so very cute. 

Yesterday, while Georgie was eating her dinner, she was stung by a wasp. (It was a bit random) she started screaming, and I thought her dinner must have been too hot. But then we realised she had a bite on her chest, and we saw a wasp flying around the kitchen. The poor darling, it must've really hurt. Anyway, later that night when she was going to bed and we were praying, thanking God for the people we love and the things we had done, she had to thank God for the bug that bit her. I think there could be a lesson in that.

I do love them.

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