Sunday, June 10, 2012

I am a tea bag

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt.


Drop it in scalding, unbearably hot water. Watch as the water leeches out all the flavour, all the goodness, and it colours and stains. Make it sit in the hot water so you can take everything from it. Squeeze it, wring it out, until the very last drop trickles out. And then discard it, when it has nothing left, and is of no further use.

Who am I? I am Robyn. Woman, wife, Mother, daughter, sister, friend.

And today, I am a tea bag.

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  1. I do know how it feels to have every last drop of your energy sucked from you. You are strong and so important in all those roles that define you :)

  2. Nice analogy. Today I feel like a tea bag that's been used 10 times (we'e had sick kids). Lovely post.

  3. love it! Great quote, nicely used. Love the name of your blog too.. I wrote a poem about tea spoons recently.. I know.. bit random.

  4. My daughter used to eat teabags.

    I'm going to blog a picture of it right now just for you! So, to continue your analogy - would you rather be put through the hot water of life, or eaten alive by your own child?

    1. I think in my analogy they are basically one in the same right now! lol- thanks for the giggle (they could not have tasted good!)

  5. I like my tea weak and black, completely the opposite of my men.
    Hee hee ;)

  6. Great quote! My other half likes to reuse the same teabag 2 or 3 times and use it until its old and wrinkly whereas I like my tea weak & get rid of the bag within seconds! What does that say about us?! Haha

  7. This is an amazing quote and you have used it in a most wonderful way! Beautiful post x

  8. Hi Robyn, here's my comment again!: I am hoping the tea bag analogy makes you a strong woman. I'd hate for you to be discarded. :)

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