Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Me....

Dear Me,

Relish your life. I know that it is hard at times. I know that sometimes it feels like this is all too much work, and it is never going to end. But the truth is that you are living the dream, and this will pass all too quickly.

Squeeze those chubby little baby legs. Kiss those beautifully soft cheeks. Listen to that beautiful gurgly laugh. Imprint that girl's stunning smile into the very depths of your memory.

One day they will be grown up, and it will all be gone. I know that it is hard being a Mummy all of the time. But cherish the fact that you can be a Mummy all of the time. Be grateful that you can belong to them exclusively. Be thankful that you have the freedom to enjoy this gift of childhood.

Even though you are so, incredibly tired and you feel like you are never going to get yourself back again.... remember that you will. One day your body will be yours again. One day they will no longer belong to you like this, and you will miss being their everything. One day they will have problems that you cannot fix with a kiss and a cuddle.

Remember that some people cannot have children. That they are desperate for the thing you take for granted. Remind yourself that what you have is precious.... and it can be lost. Hold on tight to those little hands. Glory in the wonder that is motherhood. Try not to yell, or scream, or lose your temper. This time is too short to be unhappy. But if you do... forgive yourself, and move on. Nobody is perfect, and what you are doing is very hard. It's okay to fail and struggle.

You don't have to enjoy every minute of it. Changing dirty nappies is not fun. Cleaning is not fun. Rocking and cuddling upset children when your eyes are hanging out of your head is not fun. Chasing a cheeky toddler down the aisles of Target while holding a grumpy baby is not fun. But enjoy the good moments. And remember that the bad ones will be over soon, even though it doesn't feel like it.

Above all else..... Love them. Love them extravagantly. And remember this. So much of this is fleeting, even though at times it doesn't feel like it. But you will never get it back. Don't waste it. Embrace it. Own it. Don't let yourself get in the way of the joy that is being their Mummy.

                                                                                                                     Love, Me.


  1. absolutely beautiful xoxoxo and very very true xo
    Tracey Embleton

  2. This is beautifully written. Saving this to re-read on the hard days.

  3. Beautiful post. Made me a little teary. I don't think I really understood the meaning of bittersweet (dark chocolate aside!) until I had children. I am looking at my baby girl and big girl every day and fleetingly trying to hold onto the moments as they keep growing and changing. It's hard sometimes to process it all and have it all soak in.

    1. You are so right Veronica- bittersweet is the perfect word to describe motherhood!

  4. Beautiful and so, so true. I especially love the last paragraph. I wonder where all the time has gone with mine. People say "This too shall pass" - but when you're stuck in the thick of it, you don't realise that it actually will.

  5. You made me totally tear up. Gorgeous post and oh so true xx

  6. Beautiful. A very timely reminder on this miserable rainy day

  7. Beautiful true and so needed to read that. Especially this bit"Try not to yell, or scream, or lose your temper. This time is too short to be unhappy. But if you do... forgive yourself, and move on. Nobody is perfect, and what you are doing is very hard. It's okay to fail and struggle" Need to save these words for those hard days

  8. Beautifully touching post. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely lady

  9. Beautiful.... had me teary too. So true. Oh, and my tip for what it's worth, don't chase the toddler in Target... she will just think it's a fun game and do it every time! Just turn around and say "bye Georgie" and start to walk off.... works every time ;)

  10. Great post Robyn. Looks like we both shared a similar sentiment yesterday!

    "One day they will have problems that we can't fix with a kiss and a cuddle". So true... and so scary!

  11. Absolutely beautiful Robyn.

    Thankyou. I needed that today.

  12. Robyn this made me cry! so easy to forget the quiet moments of joy when all you hear is the shouting of the things that can be hard. Beautifully written x

  13. On some days it can be hard to imagine that one day this blur of chaos will be nothing more than a memory and a few photos. What a beautiful post. :)


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